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Improve port checking.


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* I am not sure if this is the right area to post this. If this is the wrong area, please move this thread. Thanks *

When I used your port checker at http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=6881 (some port number other than 6881, if not 6881), I noticed something.

And I did the testing very carefully.

I was using a program that uses UPD and TCP (not like it matters to much, BZFlag a free and open source tank game).

I tested forwarding only UPD. Result of the port not open.

And then tested forwarding TCP. Result of the port open.

Ok. Your site only test TCP connections.. That is fine with me.

On purpose I stopped the server in my program that I was trying to forward. Retested the ports. The only thing that you guys (or gals) told me is that the port is not open.

Then I retested the ports from the outside using other sites.

I used any of the following sites.

grc.com shields up




If the port is not open, the port could be closed or Stealth (also called timed out on the other three sites other than grc.com shields up).

Just wondering.. Since your site test only TCP, why can't you tell users more?

Like, hey something is blocking the port (if stealth/timeout). If the TCP is not being blocked, why can't you say that the port is closed or the port is not open, because you are not running the program that you portforwarding (allowing users to connect from the net to you) for?


Thank you for time and understanding :)

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