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Downloaded files are severely fragmented.


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Hello, im having some trouble with files being severly fragmented after downloading.

Please bare with me, tried to search yeasterday but had trouble understanding all the technical terms so found no solution.

Utorrent has its own 97gb partition to work against, yeasterday i defragged the harddrive completly.

Today i downloaded 3x350mb files and they are split up in 1725, 1745 and 1859 fragments.

What can i do to reduce fragmentation?

Is it safe to defrag the partition while utorrent write's to it?

Is it safe to defrag the partition while utorrent only reads from it?

Windows xp - sp2

Filesystem: Ntfs with compression enabled.

Utorrent 1.7.7 build 8179

Perfectdisk 2008 build64

Internet connection 24/1 soon to be 10/10


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