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µTorrent 1.1 BETA


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Ludde has made available a new version of µTorrent in the form of a beta. It contains many new features and has NOT been thoroughly tested.

That said, it should work well and we encourage users to try it and report any issues. You'll find it in the download section.

- Feature: Implemented download limiting

- Feature: Implemented per torrent bandwidth limiting

- Feature: Support multi select in the open dialog when adding torrents in the gui.

- Feature: Add option to resolve peerips to the context menu.

- Feature: UPnP port mapping on Windows XP

- Enhancement: Nicer settings dialog

- Fix: Crashdumps weren't generated properly.

- Fix: Fixed ListView column restore issues.

- Feature: Added /BIGDUMP command line option to generate bigger crash dumps with more information.

- Fix: Prevent "Update In" from showing anything if torrent is stopped.

- Fix: ETA column/status show "inf" at the same time now.

- Feature: ETA computation enhanced with weeks.

- Feature: Better seeding priority controls

- Fix: Pause/Resume command in the tray now works.

- Feature: Added Availability column in main view.

- Fix: Comment field wasn't displayed properly

- Fix: Delete .torrent didn't actually delete the torrent

- Fix: When there are multiple torrents with the same name, use a.NN.torrent instead of a.torrent.NN file name.

- Fix: Refresh screen immediately when torrents are added.

- Fix: Delete data didn't delete the empty directories.

- Fix: Delete Data menu option didn't work at all.

- Change: When window is minimized, it's not refreshed, saving some CPU.

- Feature: Scheduler, allows you to specify at what times that uTorrent should use less bandwidth.

- Fix: Torrents weren't properly re-checked if uTorrent had quit abruptly.

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