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what are the best (recommended) hard drive to store large files?


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Why would you possibly want to use a 5400rpm HDD? Are they more reliable or something?

I say if you're concerned about performance, get a SCSI drive or some of those 10krpm drives. Or RAID 1.. (I think that is the one that stripes data across drives).

If you're concerned about reliability, get RAID 0.. (I think that is the one that mirrors all data onto both/all drives in the array).

If you want both, get RAID 1+0.. where you have 2 or more RAID 1 arrays, mirrored onto each other.

Yeah, I think I got the RAID numbers wrong, someone correct me. :P

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Since the choices are getting smaller, it's either Maxtor for best bang for the buck or Seagate for quieter operation. WD is also good but you may get hit or miss with it since I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon on mine.

As for the RAID definitions, RAID 0 is striping where information is split amongst 2 or more drives. RAID 1 is mirroring. And 0+1 is just a combination of the two. RAID 5 would require 3 drives minimum to function and uses parity bits for drive recovery.

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