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Limit download speed to upload speed? [individual torrent basis]


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I thought about limiting the download speed to the average (last 5 min or something) upload speed of a particular torrent, it would be good to keep 1.0 ratios throughout the download.

I dont think its that hard to program, considering you already have functions to limit the download speed on an individual torrent. You basically only need to calculate the last 5 min average upload speed of a torrent, and limit the torrent download speed to that.

The 5 minutes value could be a variable, and the 1.0 ratio too (for example, I want to download at maximum 1.5x the upload speed in the last 2 minutes).

Tell me what you guys think and if it sounds like a good suggestion, if it isnt then its no biggie, I just have to download less porn at once :P

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