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Search within uTorrent feature


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I think the most useful feature for the upper-right-hand-corner search box would be a "search within uTorrent" feature. There could be two separate options for "Search filenames" and "Search torrent names", or they could both be integrated.

Currently the search feature links to external sites; I don't use it as a matter of preference. I like to keep all my torrents within uT and not delete them, so this leaves me with a large number in the completed list (i.e over 100). It leaves me with a large number to sieve through.

This would seem to be an overlooked but very useful feature to me.


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"Search within utorrent" as keyword.

"topic subject only" as search in.

"Posts" as show results as.

Previous posts about this are trashed. Yours will be too in-time ;)

Also, not to be a brat, but 100 torrents in your list isn't alot. I've seen several THOUSAND added torrents.

Edit: yep, that's the oldest entry for the request I remember reading.

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  • 3 years later...

uTorrent 2.2.1. (Build 25203) "There is no new version available at this time".

Let me irritate you also by restating the original poster's inherently reasonable request.

Yes I have seached, and no, the results returned were not helpful.

Original feature request repeated.

Despite this too being scheduled for the Discard.

Such is life (and death).

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