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Upload Speed Fluxuating


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Finally realizing that my settings were all at default and my upload was at like 0.1 kB/s I decided to try out the different guides on this site.


I am running a Linksys BEFSR41v2 and I currently have Time Warner Cable which is RoadRunner Broadband. My settings are as follows:

Port: 6881 (Checking port 6881..

OK! Port 6881 is open and accepting connections.

My Router is setup for:

Port Range Forwarding:

Application: Utor1

Start: 6881

End: 6881

Protocol: Both

IP Address:

Enabled: Checked

UPnP Forwarding:

Application: Utor1

Ext. Port: 6881


Int. Port: 6881

IP Address:

Enabled: Checked


Operating System: Windows XP SP3

AntiVirus: None (except Windows firewall)

Upload Limit: 186 kB/s

Connections (Per Torrent): 100

Max Active Torrents: 10

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (Global): 100

Max Active Downloads: 8

UPnP: Enabled

NAT-PmP: Enabled

Windows Firewall Exception: Enabled

Use Additional Upload Slots If Upload Speed <90%: Enabled

DHT: Disabled

Local Peer Discovery: Enabled

Peer Exchange: Enabled

Protocol Encryption: Enabled

Seedings Tasks Have Higher Priority: Disabled

net.max_halfopen: 8

SpeedTest using dslreports.com:

Los Angeles:

Download (Approx.): 3800 Kb/s

Upload (Approx:): 1254 Kb/s


Download (Approx.): 3644 Kb/s

Upload (Approx:): 528 Kb/s

New York:

Download (Approx.): 3189 Kb/s

Upload (Approx:): 555 Kb/s

And I tried the Glasnost Test and results came back for every category saying No Indication Your ISP Limits BitTorrents Downloads/Uploads

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.


EDIT: Also to add with the settings above since Ive changed them from default utorrent settings my internet is disconnecting very frequently. Here is an image of just what I mean:


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