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Country-only seeding?


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Well, let me try to explain this as best i can.. In Romania we generally have a very well-developed peering network-web and as such, we get great speeds inside the country, and even more so inside Bucharest, the capital. I'm talking 8-10mb/sec sometimes. Now.. This contrasts with a low "external" (outside RO) speeds, 128kb/sec-256kb/sec, most of the times less.. i generally go about 80kb/sec.

Now, considering some of the RO private trackers still have some external users, they generally add in to the leeching/seeding. Thus blocking up my external trafic (surfing, playing online etc.). If i limit my overall speed to something less then my external, say 50kb/sec, that pretty much makes me forfeit the huge speed i get from "metropolitan" net. Seeing how Utorrent can Resolve IP's to countries, i'm wonder wether it's possibile to block, or limit, any leeching/seeding from those sources, leaving only connexions from Romania to pass-throu?

I know.. odd request, but i'd love a solution :)

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