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"Error: Can't open .torrent file": why reloading the tor doesnt fix ?


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I have a question about this error message "Error: Can't open .torrent file".

This message appears (and red cross) after I moved the .torrent from the .torrent storage folder and I restarted uT. Ok it's a normal behavior. :)

Anyway when I try to reopen this .torrent (from its new location), uT asks to add more trackers BUT doesn't fix the error as uT didn't "see" the new location where is the .torrent...

To fix it, I need to remove the torrent with red cross then reload the .torrent like previously (or auto-reload, it's the same thing).

Why is there a difference ? Why uT cannot fix "Error: Can't open .torrent file" by reloading the torrent without having removed it previously ?


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Well it's because after uTorrent loads your torrent location is stored in the resume.dat. Adding trackers is available since the INFOHASH matches. Data is stored by torrent location, so you have to remove it or FIX the torrent location. You don't need to remove the torrent IIRC, but you do need to right click, force recheck after you move the torrent back where it's supposed to be.

Why are you moving your torrents around><

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Yeah for data, I know it's possible to move it and reseed/releech after with forced recheck.

Anyway I thought this tip would work with .torrent, but that's not the case. I saw when I moved the .torrent, uT was still fine but not after a restart.

I moved my .torrent files because the actual place was not the best.

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