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I hope that someone here can help me. I recently moved and had to sign up for new interent services, (wireless dialup the only local option). I can connect to utorrent, but the status light is always yellow and the connection speeds are very slow. I have tried turning off my firewall (Zone alarm, where I already had excepts written and wasn't a problem before but I have been trying anything. I don't use the windows firewall), and I don't think I'm connected to a router (I checked this using the instructions at portforwarding.com and my ip addresses match from the command prompt and their website check).

When I test utorrent it says the port is not forwarded properly, but I'm uncertain how to forward the port when I'm not using a router or firewall.

I have tried following the directions for setting up utorrent and have modified my speed to match my dsl report, and yes I set the speed conservatively (tests are usually around 70kbit/sec and I set it to 56).

I have been trying to download several downloads (one or two at a time) and the speed per download rarely reaches 10kbit/sec (but does jump up to 15 from rare time to time). Also the longer I am connected the slower the download speeds tend to get and sometimes utorrent just stops working altogether.

If anyone here can make some suggestions, I am running utorrent 1.8, Vista home premium and the new wireless modem is a highspeed anydata adu-310a. I really appreciate your help.


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2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is far less than max download speed for most connections.

Also try the latest v1.8.1 beta. Numerous connection fixes have been made since v1.8 came out.

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thank you both for your suggestions. I am planning to have a chat with the provider and see if they have everything set up properly (just in case), also I will download the new beta version and give it a try tomorrow. I do understand that it's the upload speed (you have been very clear about this in many forums I've read recently but i agree with some users that it should be made clearer in the speed set up, I hope you don't mind this suggestions but it is a little unclear in the program).

UPDATE - i tried downloading the beta program but it says that its not a valid program, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I saved it and then tried running the file but it doesn't work.

Also if I have to use this wireless modem dial up service is there anyway to open the port to improve my downloading speed? I will be visiting the provider again and asking them for help, are there any questions I should be asking or specific requests I should make?


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