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partial download-deleted files


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I'm downloading a season of friends... 6 discs... and that's done disc by disc. (priority skip + normal for 1 disc). After one disc completes I stop the torrent, unpack the rar's, burn the disc, delete the whole fileset, and re-priority the files to get the next set of discs.

Now uTorrent stops with an error. Files are missing. Kako-da-ne, how-yes-no. Files are indeed deleted, but also now in skipped mode.

Now I delete the whole torrent, reload it with ctrl-O, which forces a recheck, and then it works fine again.

Maybe uTorrent should do the recheck automatically when skipped files are 'missing' ???

Anyways, it's altogether a small issue, and only with huge torrents.

I still believe that uT is the best client out there!

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