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utorrent not working and torrents red stop sign, please help


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My internet connect keeps dying on my after about 3 hours at the moment.

If I can see it stopping I shut down u torrent program.

However my internet connection failed today when I was out.

All my partially downloaded torrent have the stop sign with no responce from the program.

I have tried deleting the torrent and loading it again.

I have tried deleting the torrent and data and downloading a new one but same, the stop sign.

I have add new torrent with plenty of seeders but the torrent starts off blue for a minute and I get the stop sign.

I just looks like the utorrent program is not communicating with trackers.

Also if I have to remove and re-install the program is there any information or resume of torrents.

Your help most appreciated, note I have tried my internet connection on the web and Mirc and it works ok so it is not this.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Did you really read the FAQ? :| It says:

1.) Turn on DHT and wait for the tracker to come back online;

2.) Or find another torrent.

In this case there is nothing anyone can do for you, the tracker is down...it's as simple as that. You just have to have a little patience. :/

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Once again many thanks for the quick feedback

Sorry u maybe an expert but I am a novice

You mentioned turn on DHT, how, I have checked all menu options and right mouse click options, please advise step by step if possible. Note there is no help menu hence difficult for me to troubleshoot.


I did ask re resume of partially downloaded torrents, is this possible if I have to de-install and re-install.


I have 7 torrents some new with reported plenty of seeders all giving me the same stop sign, also completed torrents which have been unloading doing the same, ie giving the stop sign. Hence I presume this is not a torrent problem.

I am sure it is due to losing my internet connection and having incorrect shutdown of the program.

Please advise


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