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Error: The system cannot find the file specified.


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Just got this message at status filed + small notice from sys tray that "Error: The system cannot find the file specified.". When I check I noticed the file was 100% completed, and afterwards it gave me this error. However the file is still listed in my incomplete folder, and not my complete folder. This didn't happen for other files that were 100% completed. utorrent was running when error showed. I read the previous posts regarding this type of behavior, and the suggestions were to change the file path, causeof a max. length of characters (255) windows can handle.

my filepath is D:\Downloads\BitTorent\Torrents\[isoHunt] *****_******_1.3358340.TPB.torrent.loaded.

The thing is it worked fine the last couple of days. It's a multifile of 4GB. I work on XP SP1.

edit: just notice this isn't really a bug as it has been posted a couple of time, so maybe some of the admins can move this to troubleshooting, as it might be more approriated to have this post there.

utorrent 1.3 (build 364)

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I have this problem too, and it's probably not a matter of path length. (I say probably because there are over 2500 files in the torrent and I can't be absolutely sure that one of them is not longer than 200 chars + 50 for the folder)

Each time this happens, I have to 'Force Re-check' and then it loads for a short while and so on.

Is there a way of identifying the offending file(s) and stopping the dl on them?

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