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"Copying right-click" in General tab returns random weird characters


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I copied (right-click) and pasted lines 'Status' & 'Save as' in General tab.

But the copy function returned sometimes random strange characters instead of 'Sending' , 'Finished' etc...

Sometimes the word is truncated, sometimes it's a foreign word, sometimes the type of bitto client of a peer in Peers tab!!!

This bug appeared in 2 different uT (and machines Vista / XP) with various language option (French, English).

I use the lang pack .lng & uT 1.8.

Example with 'Status' line:

Finished --> ¶inished / ⽐Ǝƒ / jinished / ⸐ƎḈƎ

Seeding --> ȫ / eeding / _eeding

Example with 'Save as' line:



Maybe there is a problem with the language pack...

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Get a print screen image of it and put it on image shack

A screenshot will not help because the bug appears when I copy a line and paste it (from clipboard I imagine) in Wordpad, chatbox etc... so in a place where you see the result.

But if you want a screen. :D


Remove the langpack and try it again.

Done (only English & Systeme Default available). Same issue. Weird copies of 'Status' line.

Eg for 'Seeding': eeding / ABC/269 / 둨ƣ譈貘g /

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