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Yellow Light Back On....


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I recently started using uTorrent again - and noticed that there ws a yellow light on the bottom screen saying there was problem with my connection.

Long stroy short I followed the 'port forwarding' tutorial for my router and the light turned green and I got some reasonable download speeds.

But a couple of days ago I downloaded PeerGuardian 2 and got it working, and the light went back to yellow. I exited and unistalled PG, and the light still stayed yellow.

I went back and checked my router settings, to make sure the port was still forwarded (it was), and even changed the port i was using and forwared that one instead.

But the light is still yellow - does anybody know how I can fix this??

Btw my router is an EchoLife Hg520s, made by Huawei.

Any help appreciated,


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