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Slow speeds with 1.8


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Before i used version 1.8, i used to get a nice 300kb download on a 2MB line, ever since i started using version 1.8 it won't go above 40kb and it uses ALL my upload constantly, when i try and put "upload" to 1 so it only uploads 1kbps it also pulls my download speed down to 1kbps.

My settings are the same as they was in 1.7.7 and nothing has changed, just version 1.8 won't let me download at all past 50kbps maximum, i've now gone back to 1.7.7 and i'm downloading at 300kb again (on the same torrent in which i was getting 40-50kb on 1.8) i use a private tracker with top speeds (some people download at 2000kbps)

Just wondering if there was a fix to this yet, as 50% of people i speak to still use 1.7.7 due to this problem and yes i've searched the forums but people just go on about "is your settings correct?" "was you using the same torrent?" "maybe the tracker was down?" just fyi i was using the same settings/torrents/trackers at the same time of day.


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