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A problem of sorts -_- help?


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Ok, basically i have a routering problem. If u cant help then... dont waste your time here. :P

So, I have a main computer that is connected to a NETCOMM NB5 which is ALSO connected to the NETGEAR WPN824v2 router.

A cable extends from the NETGEAR router, to my second computer.

The computer i am trying to get help with (my Eee PC) is wirelessly connected to the NETGEAR router.

Now, Utorrent is actually working.

By this i mean i can upload and download torrents.

However, when i test my ports:

"Error! Port 13156 does not appear to be open."

comes up.

And of course this is reducing my optimal performance.

The questions come here:------------------------------------------------

I cannot seem to acquire a static address as for some reason my IP address (for all 3 computers) are 10.0.0.# and i absolutely CANNOT get the DNS server addresses. (I have tried calling my provider and even they cant help)

So, how do i obtain a static address and fix this problem?

(remember i am on a wireless connection)

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Make your router the static DNS server address.

...Or use the DNS servers that your ROUTER sees as the DNS server address/s.

Or both. :)

However MOST wireless ISPs only give you a LAN ip anyway. Forward your router all you want with most wireless "ISP"s, you're permanently firewalled. :(

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Ask your ISP (check their website first!) if they give an unfirewalled, unique internet ip to you. It can be dynamic...next time you may get a different ip address. If not, you're firewalled.

You can pay a considerable bit for a 2-way proxy service so it can forward everything to you.

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But... that static ip, as it's a 10.x.x.x kind of ip, you mean private range, so, I think your problem has to do with your router being a dhcp server and/or your netcomm too (strange), and your pc having the "obtain an ip address automatically" option set, as well as the "obtain a dns server address automatically" set too.

As long as you can surf the web, and you know how to see your ip/mask/gateway, you just should configure your tcp/ip settings staticly in your pc's, and setting a couple of dns server addresses too, which should preferably be your ISP ones, though teorically any of an ISP from your region/country should work fine.

Is it that?

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