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Torrents Disappearing [uTorrent1.8, 11758]


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If i add a torrent from site1, downloads it, and everything is fine, and later adds the same torrent from site2, uTorrents check the files, everything is HonkyDorey, and it starts to seed the torrent.

Next time i restart uTorrent, the torrent from site1 is gone, and only the torrent from site2 is there, and still working/seeding.

This happens now&then, why ??

I still want to seed the original site1 torrent.

(And YES; i CAN already SEE all torrents, so hitting F7 won't do it, this IS a bug!)


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-> If the torrents were identical, they are merged with the trackers combined in the list.

Ha, sure ...

1: Then why didn't that happend immediately...

2: Then why isn't both listed at the Trackers tab ...


Firon: Ok, i'll test the other 1.8, since one of the sites i use, don't allow Betas.

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It does happen immediately. When you add torrent(s) with identical INFOHASHES there's usually a window that pops up to say "Would you like to add the trackers..." but there are settings which cause the window to not show.

But in-fact I have yet to see multiple entries in the torrent list with identical infohashes... it can't happen :/

Btw, you were using a beta version of 1.8 before (11813 was release 1.8), but updating to 1.8.1 RC (12549) will get you many fixes. ;)

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There can't be two torrents in the list with the same INFOHASH...

If you turn on Logger tab > right click > Error > misc errors

Do you see "Unable to write resume.dat"? It's possible you don't have permissions set correctly... check your http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Where_are_the_settings_and_.torrent_files_stored.3F and .DAT files to be sure you have WRITE permissions.

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I changed to the new Release candidate, and then it seem both torrents remains, ever after re-start, so far...


Ha, this was fun, never ever seen this before!

When i right click dht.dat, rss.dat, resume.dat and settings.dat, at the top of the normal popup window (open, copy, paste, and so on-window), there's a text saying:



Ok, so then i probably have to delete those.

But, how to restart everything without losing the torrents i'm now seeding ??


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-> Sounds like something is seriously messed up on your system.

No way, i know what i'm doing. Nutting else is wrong, and uTorrent WORKS perfectly, downloads and seeds, the only problem is this with disappearing torrents.

And i just reinstalled a brand new XP Pro (got me a new 1Tb drive...), and just put back the entire uTorrent DIR in the App Data DIR.

But never mind; i will delete all those DAT files, but how to do a new 'install' of uTorrent without losing all torrents ??


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Such as what ?? I normally don't mess around much with Explorer on new installs, so what regkey, or what shell extension ??

= What to do to fix it ??



Ahhhh, it's *.DAT that's been kidnapped by Nero!

But since there really ARE *.DAT files that ARE movies, it's really not wrong, so what to do about it ... ?!

And i can't be the only one that this happend to, that *.DAT has been associated with Movie files ?!

Or ?!

[NEW Edit]

And now that strange msg is gone, i just used:

reg delete HKCR\.DAT /ve /f

from this page:


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There are actually TONS of prgs that uses *.DAT files:


so maybe the uTorrent files should be named else ?!

Like *.UTO, that is NOT used at all according to the site above.

And why not make those files possible to edit by hand ?!

Like it is now, i can't move all the downloaded files to another drive/dir, without causing uTorrent to fuck up.

If i instead could edit the path of the downloaded files BEFORE i start uTorrent, it would be very easy to move the downloads to another path.

Think about IT (but don't Touch yerself...) ! :-)


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I just switched to Utorrent from Azereus on a recommendation. Things were running fine until I restarted the program. Now all previous torrents have come up with an error message saying:

Error: can't open .torrent file.

I haven't moved the torrent files but noticed they had been marked 'loaded' and had their extension changed to same.

What can I do to sort this as several of the downloads were over 50% and now have nothing.


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You don't set auto-load to the torrent storage directory >< Press F1 to read up on those features in the Directories pane of Preferences.

If you feel like being adventurous ... check out the bencoded file editor I linked above.

1) Close uTorrent and backup your resume.dat http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_backup_my_settings.3F 2) Follow the guide steps in that thread 3) You can find/replace all .TORRENT file entries in your resume.dat

As far as mass renaming, try the steps in http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php but replace the bc! with LOADED and remove it. No, you won't see any % data when the torrents are in error state. Without the torrent file the program doesn't KNOW what % you're at.

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