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List reasons when blocking IPs from IPfilter.dat


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Sorry if this is a duplicate (I searched).

I'd like uTorrent to display the "reason" (if present) from the ipfilter.dat in the Logger along with the normal info when a certain IP is blocked.

a line from the ipfilter.dat from openmedia.info, for example, runs thus: - , 000 , IPV6 RoEduNet

uTorrent already seems to have no trouble parsing these (even with the extra 0s), so really all I'm asking is that when it blocks an IP within the range that it would display the "reason" along with the usual, so:

[10:45:44] IpFilter blocked peer

becomes [10:45:44] IpFilter blocked peer, IPV6 RoEduNet.

Keep up the good work.

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