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Error: No More Files


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[i've created a topic about it but I think it was deleted, why?]


My uTorrent keeps getting a "Error: No More Files" on some torrents.

It happens randomly, sometimes from nothing, sometimes when rechecking large torrents (large on size, or on number of files).

Then, the WebUI becomes unconnectable and I need to change the port, to connect again.

I'm running uTorrent 1.8 thru Wine 0.9.20 on Linux Debian 4, I've already tried to run uTorrent 1.7.7 unsucessfully too.

Any tip?


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I have pretty much exactly the same setup and I am getting the same error.

My ulimit -n is = 8192

and my peer connections is: mx num connections: 1200: Max num connected per torrent 550: max num of uploads per torrent 504.

This is running on a dedicated box on a 100 Mbit connection.

and the number of files in the torrents are are 450 in one and 7000 in another.

It does seem to be the popular ones I am seeding that keep falling over every 8 hours or so.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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