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Switching to another tracker?


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Is it possible to switch to antother tracker for a torrent (if one such exists)?.

Stuck at 94% on a 4+ GB torrent with availability < 0.94 :( Could I resume it and

get the last 6% from another source? Do such torrents usually get reseeded (many

leechers on it in the same situation)? Or is it just 4+Gb of junk data that you can

get rid of?...

Thanks for all replies.

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If you find a torrent on another tracker which is the same as your download, then I think you would have to add it as a new download.

Though backup the incomplete download first, copy it over the partial download of the torrent on the new tracker, then force a recheck. :) (torrent download would have to be stopped, and don't delete the backup of the incomplete files incase the new torrent download of it is different and you would lose a bunch of the download.)

I'm not really that good of explaining things, but hope this helps ^_^

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