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Why does an additional internet connection icon appear?


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Please click on the screen shot above.

Whenever I run utorrent that icon: Internet Connection will appear, however it is DISABLED (I tried enabling it but it status never changes and remains Disable always), but once i end utorrent that icon will also disappear. If msn messenger is running, msn messenger will also be included on the list (inside the advance settings window), but as soon as I exit utorrent even if msn messenger is still running the internet connection icon will disappear.

Is that normal for that icon to appear only when utorrent is running?


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since i have been using it i had never gotten it to turn green mostly a yellow triangle, even if the firewall exemption is checked, under utorrents setting, and utorrent is also exempted on the windows firewall settings. I even tried opening a port on my router once but that gets too complicated so I eventually gave up, just got afriad i might mess up something, so as long as its works eventhough not at its full potencial I am fine with it.

Thank you very much for your help GTHK.

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