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Automatically organize torrents


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I have an RSS feed set up for a few different torrents.

What I would like to do is set that particular RSS feed to download in a particular folder, another RSS feed to download into another particular folder, etc.


have the finished downloads moved automatically from the download folder to where they belong

I know I can put them all in one place if I have the download location set, and I know I can change the download location for torrents that are running, but how can I set the RSS feed to download those feeds where I want them. I've also just read about the labels function...can that help to do what I want?

or is this not supported yet?

I'm a newbie to the advanced features of this kickass app, so a "for dummies" version of a tutorial would be most appreciated.



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Do you download everything from those feeds, or just manually add torrents? If the former, right click on the feed in the Category bar, go to RSS Downloader, and make a filter containing only *

There you can specify a folder and which feed that will apply to. Then repeat for each feed.

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