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Wine + TCPIP.SYS patch?/Tracker update speed


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I tried searching FAQ/Forums for these specific answers but could not find them.

If I am running uTorrent under Wine 1.1.5, should I try and use a patched TCPIP.SYS for the half-open connection limit?

Also, when I add a new torrent to uTorrent, I look at the Trackers list and most of the trackers stay stuck on the status 'updating...' for 5-10 minutes, something tells me this is not normal considering these trackers are very mainstream and it happens with almost every torrent I add. I don't remember encountering the slow tracker update in WindowsXP SP2 although I could be mistaken, it has been quite some time since I've used Windows.

FYI: I am on Ubuntu 8.04-hardy, 1.83ghz AMD AthlonXP 2500+(Barton core) w/512 ram, RealTek RTL8139 NIC and I have ports forwarded properly and followed all the speed guide suggestions I could, uTorrent shows my network status as OK(Green). I am keeping half-open connections set to 8 until I am aware of how Wine-1.1.5 handles half open connections with/without TCPIP.SYS patch.

Thanks in advance for any answers/advice/suggestions.

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I am currently running uTorrent 1.8.1 Beta (Build 12183).

My current systemwide ulimit is 1024, how would I go about raising the limit specifically for uTorrent, and how would that affect half-open connections or the time required to update trackers?

Edit: Upon searching 'uTorrent ulimit' it seems that upping the ulimit is specifically for people encountering 'Too many open files' when downloading large torrents. Most of the torrents I download are 1-10 files, I do not believe that max open files is currently an issue for me.

yess@greendelta:~$ ulimit
yess@greendelta:~$ ulimit -n

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