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[Icon] Dark green glass icon


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This was a random result I ended up with while trying to learn how to make vista glass effect in photoshop. The sizes are 256, 128, 48, 32, 24 and 16, all in 32 bit.

Edit: I have finished the designs for all the icons but I'm still having problems uploading them to the Skin page. I will keep on trying until it works ;)

Edit2: I'm sorry. It took some time, but now they are finally uploaded to the skin page. I'm not sure about uploading v2 of the sqaure, the only difference is the glossy effect. If people request it, then it will get uploaded.

First version:




Download Here

Square version:




Download Here

Alternative Square version (not much, though):




Try them out and tell me what you think. Hopefully some of you can make a good use of them ;)

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Sorry. I'm still not able to upload the Icons to the Skin page. It's the same problem; when submitting it responds "Unknown file format!" or just freezes.


I can send the Icons to you via email. If you have photoshop or alike, I can just send you the bundle with all the different sizes.

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its the first time i see this, thats why i ask so many questions :\ thanks for making things clear.

so the smallest one is for the tray and i rename it tray.ico , the biggest(or one of the other 3) is for the .torrent files (or utorrent.exe), the other two what are they for?

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no problem ;)

Right, the smallest one (16x16) is for the tray and upper left corner in the utorrent window. You need to make a copy of it and name the first one "tray" and the second one "main" and put them both in the "%appdata%/utorrent" folder.

All the icons from 16 to 256 is used for normal desktop/folder Icons, shortcuts and/or .torrent files as you suggested (256 is only vista though). If your on vista just try go into a folder and manually adjust the size from the "view" menu.

Hope that clears things up a little.

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You could follow the example of http://utorrent.com/skins.php?action=download&id=733 (No abra isn't crazy, you download the .ICO and un-rar it)... Make and name your > 64^2 px icons, RAR them up, and then append it to the ICO with 16,24,32,48 px ^2 in 8- and 32-bit resolution so you only have to upload ONE file per icon-type

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