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NAT error drives me crazy!


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Hi there!

It seems that I can't manage to get rid of that NAT error!

First of all: I don't have a router! No cable modem! Just a plain DSL (german) connection.

I've setup uTorrent to permanently use port 55555, disabled UPnP. I've limited my upload rate to 12 kb/sec (DL-rate is unlimited).

The next thing was that I allowed ZoneAlarm (newest version) that uTorrent can bypass. I also explicitly told ZoneAlarm to allow incoming and outgoing UDP and TCP on port 55555. Furthermore I allowed ICMP Destination unreachable.

The funniest part is, that randomly I get a "Network OK". But also when I try the NAT test (dunno which site it was), it always told me that 55555 is not accessible?!?

Any help would be appreciated!

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