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Utorrent crashing


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Hi I have a problem with utorrent. Every time I run it and leave it for a few hours it would restart or show a BSOD. I did some googling and found this http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=9675&p=1

I've read that zone alarm or nod 32 might be causing the glitch that triggers the utorrent to restart. Unfortunately i am using both--zone alarm and nod32. That thread is almost 2 years old and I am wondering if the current utorrent, zone alarm or nod 32 can now work harmoniously. If not then, I understand that the only resolution is uninstalling za and nod32.

I am hesitant to uninstall ZA and nod32 because I have been malware free ever since. What i did to 'resolve' my problem is to set my pc to restart every time a system crash and then set utorrent to run every time windows run. It's a never ending loop. but hey I'm able to download and upload files.


Im using p4

windows xp sp2

512 ram

and 40 gig left on my hard drive

utorrent 1.8

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Zone Alarm is a nasty firewall and has problems with all P2P. It's also known to crash systems with BSODs, among other issues. You should uninstall it under any circumstance.

NOD32 is fine though, assuming you upgrade to v3. 2.7 is alright, but you should disable the IMON function (as it's a bit buggy).

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thanks a bunch firon. can I just disable zonealarm or do i have to uninstall it completely?

by the way i used comodo before but the settings are kinda intimidating. Sorry im not a techie. Anyway, upon installing comodo, can i just install it as is without tweaking for utorrent?

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I Uninstalled Zone alarm free edition and installed Comodo firewall pro with the above instructions. And that solution ended the loop of my PC re-starting over and over and over...

I now have Comodo firewall pro and Nod32 version 3.0.642.0 with NO problems yet. I have my PC running overnight and it didn't restart (whew)

Whats great is that COMODO detected a VIRUS that NOD32 didn't detect(nod 32 antivirus database is up to date) And I thought NOD32 was the best. HA!

Thanks Firon.

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