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discrepency! cmd:ipconfig/all & jensen airlink 2954 ip made me see red


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After a OS wipe and reinstall, came the time to reinstall and configure this program. Following the lead from the website's instructions and forums I gathered my ip info after running the cmd>ipconfig/all. I thereafter input this (with the recommended modification of the last sifer) on my Jensen airlink 2954 (opened the port), and redid the network adaptor per instructions here.

This made me see red and yellow and nary a green icon. After troubleshooting elswhere only showed me that I had the setup as right as right could be, I ran the "status" on the Jensen and compared this with the cmd:ipconfig/all figures a few times over. There was a discrepency between the ip #s.

I substituted the ip given by the Jensen for the one recieved thru the cmdline proceedure and, lo! The green light poped up and evrything else is looking a bit brighter on this autumn day. I don't know how relevant this is for others out there, but I think it is a good idea to let others hear about the solutions we do find. There are so many threads outthere hanging in the air. I am going to pick cahnterelles in the woods after all and let the computer do its thing on its own now.

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