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Whats wrong with my settings?


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I am in australia and on a plan thats supposed to give me 24mbit but due to distance from the exchange etc currently my Netgear 834G is connecting at the following

DownStream Connection Speed 13996 kbps

UpStream Connection Speed 812 kbps

I am currently dloading 3 public torrents with a combined speed of 380 kB/s which is too slow for my connection. I turned off all dloads and did a test on speedtest.net and got

dload speed 11604 kb/s

upload speed 647kb/s

Did a speedtest using the utorrent dsl speed test and this is what i got

dload speed 1772Kb/s

upload speed 185Kb/s

latency 147ms seems totally different from the previous test

Port has been forwarded on utorrent and on my modem and the settings in my utorrent v1.8 is as follows

btconnect speed – 20

netmax half open – 8

port mapping is ticked

add windows firewall exception ticked

max upload – 75

global max connections – 160

max number of connected peers – 50

no, of upload slots per torrent – 5

Both DHT enabled

peer discovery enabled

peer exchange enabled

Encryption enabled and legacy connections allowed

Hope this gives you guys enough info to assist:))

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Thanks Firon....I am not looking to max out especially sionce its a public torrent. But I would say I should be getting about 200k/s per torrent i would be very happy with that. But since you said its ok I Will give it a go and see....I am currently dloading one of the slackware torrents with the 1.8 version and its maxed out at 444kB/s (currently 40% done) which is still abit below the potential of what it can be dont u think? I will try stopping the dload now and upgrade to 181 and reduce the upload speed.

edit: I have been dloading the whole night with the reduced upload speed but Im still just getting an average speed of 120k/s over 2 torrents which is still relatively low. Is there anything else I can tweak besides dloading ver 1.8.1 cos Im not sure that will solve the problem and wanna leave that as a last resort. What are the main changes to 1.8.1 by the way that will help me with my problem? Thanks guys:)

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1.8.1 fixes connectivity problems due to the flaky nature of the network stack (read as: all previous versions were a bit... incorrect about how they handled concurrent connections)

If you were getting 380 with THREE running torrents and you only get 440 with slackware, you were doing fine before. Just because the ISP says you get a speed doesn't mean they mean it. And as you said you're lucky you get anything so far from the exchange :/

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'read as: all previous versions were a bit... incorrect about how they handled concurrent connections"

As in you mean 1.8.1 will help speed up dloads abit as they will now handle concurrent connections ie torrents better?

i know 440 is pretty close to 380 its just that with a connection of my speed of 14mbs synced I thought I should be getting abit more than that which is why im just trying to find out if there is anything wrong on my end. I have checked on other forums and they have asked to up my max globalconnections and connected peers per torrent to 400 and 100 respectively though I wanna ask you experts what do you think. thanks

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When you get past generic broadband ... people have a tendency to pump up the values. UNFORTUNATELY that's not always a good idea. Bittorrent works through upload... if you like rotating peers while downloading something (possibly very large) you can have alot of connected peers, but I'd say you don't need more than 10x your upload slots connected EVER. With your high parity (20:1 download:upload speeds) you get the expectation, more connections = faster downloads... not necessarily so when you talk about the SUSTAINED nature of bittorrent. If you simply spam connections to try and get everything faster without thinking of what you upload you will lose. Things will take longer to download because other peers recognize you're not able to give back what you take.

Given your current settings of 75 KiB upload, 5 slots and (I'm guessing) 5 torrents in the queue... You are giving an expected 25 peers 3 KiBps sustained download. That's generally seen as "minimum" for sustained downloads from the better peers. However sometimes you will only see faster speeds at rates above 5 and approaching 10 KiBps to the peers which can give you over 1 Mbit download... it all depends on how many people those lucky few worldwide who have LARGE upload pipes and how fast their other connected peers are sending. To evaluate in a mathematical expression: TOTAL _UPLOAD / (TORRENTS_TOTAL * UPLOAD_SLOTS) >= 3 "good" >=5 "better" >=10 "GREAT"

It all depends on whether you normally connect to large swarms and whether you're on an ISP which makes torrenting difficult. Please note that especially on metered (plans where you pay for your bandwidth and any overages over what the ISP says you get in your quota) plans like most of Australia and New Zealand has you don't want lots of peer connections, DHT or Resolve IPs enabled ... they add up to some % of bandwidth over the month's time. Many people in these situations rely on the Scheduler to help them manage whether they are uploading or downloading during "free time".

Whoops as to your question... it's more like uTorrent now won't suddenly get bogged down and "kill" the net connection when people have high half-open counts on certain OS configurations since it never goes past the half open count. I personally never noticed any speed/connectivity irregularities (between 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1) BOTH because I don't setup my numbers like that and I've gotten used to and am now envious of cable connections (even though DSL are usually lower parity).

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Thanks for that....and yes i am on a plan that is metered so i do most of my dloading overnight when i have my 'free time'. I do run 3 torrents(public) concurrently each time and i dont really mind uploading more as long as i get faster speeds in return. Its just that I have friends on the same plan and/or different companies who seem to be able to get speeds between 300-1000k/s whereas i am only getting about 150k/s MAX even if im only dloading one torrent. Which is why im wondering is there any magic number of global connections or peers that will give me the best results etc. My dloads still finish on time its just that it would be good to be able to finish them in 2.5 hours rather than say 5-7 hours for 3gigs of dloads for example.

Should DHT and resolve IPs be enabled or disabled?Thanks

PS- I did get that problem with the torrents killing off my net connection but have since fixed that with the netmax half open number or something which i did couple days ago so now i can surf n torrent at the same time.

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Most of your ISPs are ADSL if I'm not mistaken... and most of those are really dependent upon location. Unfortunately also like the US, you're generally "stuck" to the 1 (maybe two) choices for "broadband" in your area.

Resolve IPs (found in the context menu of the Peers tab) doesn't really matter unless you keep your uTorrent on the Peers tab regularly ... or I guess if your security software likes to do the lookup for you like in NOD's case.

DHT can/should be turned off in the Scheduler when you turn off your downloading and/or generally when you've got working trackers..it can use ~ 1 GiB of traffic. When some plans "offer" 25 GiB for the MONTH you can see how that's a bit of a pickle.

Congrats on testing your settings and adjusting them to get your connection to be more stable. :)

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yes i am on adsl though i am on a faster strain called adsl2. I get 72gigs a month so im not worried about the quota. yes it is dependent on distance to the exchange.I am only about 1.5km from the exchange so i have taken that into account. the comparisons i have made with friends are ppl who are on a similair distance to the exchange as well.mmm from what i gather you are encouraging the turning off of DHT while dloading. what does DHT actually mean though if you can please explain?

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Hehe, I would, truly, but I think you'll get more of a kick by bringing up uTorrent, and pressing F1 :D

In 1.8 that now brings up the User Manual Ultima keeps updated. It includes many things as far as the GUI and bittorrent and troubleshooting, and I THINK even DHT is explained in the glossary. ;)

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