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utorrent vs bitcomet


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Well, not really a chellenge, and maybe not directly related to utorrent, but maybe some coder could explain me why...

I used bitcomet since 0.57 without any problem.

Now it seems that i cannot seed to some clients constantly.


I've a 10mbit HalfDuplex connection, it seems that BC starts seeding at very high speed for about 10, 15 seconds (it transfers usually 8MB) , after that... the silence.

If i do a stop/start to the torrent seeds resumes for another 10/15 seconds.

Ive made several tries with friends, i've made them use bitcomet 0.60 and bitcomet 0.59, no difference.

In fact i think it does'nt depends from bitcomet itself, but the problem lies in the last version of the other clients !

I found the problem at least with:

Azureus , but not with azureus

Official 4.2.2 but not 3.x.x

--> Utorrent 1.3.3 but not 1.2.2 <--

What the HELL !


I've made another try:

BC0.60 vs utorrent 1.3.3 both on the same pc, same results :/

Bitlord (last version) vs azureus (last version) both on the same pc, same results :/


Here is a log generated by azureus while trying to download

4Gb torrent from BC0.60 and stuck to about 8MB:



I disabled internet connection, i used bitcomet tracker, and 2 clients.

BC vs utorrent

All is now...

Still the same.

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*gasp* 0.61 is out?!!! OMG! *runs around/panic*

Let the games begin... again...

This makes the time between release for this one 4 months... looks like my guess was just about right... but man, did it took them FOREVER to fix 4 bugs!

Okay, I'll shut up now... *goes back to lurking*

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No, it won't, most private trackers refuse to unban it because none of the other bugs and various other issues/cheating/etc weren't fixed. And there's various admins of some sites telling other admins what exactly BC does to make it deserve to stay banned, thankfully.

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OK, most of you are wondering if the BitComet ban will be lifted here, and the answer is no, and it will most likely never be unbanned here.

Most of you think BitComet is "faster" than other clients, but what u don't know is the reason why.

The reason why is because of its countless "cheating like" characteristics, for example:

# it hamers the tracker, and pays no attention to the tracker when it tells the client how long to wait before re-announce.

# when it gets snubed by another peer (basically meaning the peer refuses to give the BC client any upload because it has not been given any download from the BC client, the BC client then disconnects up to 10+ times per second to that client in an attempt to get unsnubed.

# It has no (working) upload slot limit, so it makes the upload bandwith so streached out that each peer only gets a few 100 bytes per second or less.

# The new encrypt header feature in BC 0.60 gave it a very unfair advantage and would basically prefer itself over uploading to other tpyes of clients. (afaik, uTorrent is working on a similar feature, but will be making it public information, so that all other clients can implement it if their authours wish to; this is the only real way for this to be effective)

# If you request too many pieces from it (something around 100? or so), it drops ALL your requests.

# It also abuses super-seeding by disconnecting and reconnecting to get a slot, and basically monopolize the super-seeder's bandwidth.

# It has an abusive multi-tracker implementation (announces to all trackers in all tier always).

# It also does stupid things when making torrents (such as not use UTF-8 as the encoding for chinese, japanese, and korean users that make torrents)

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lol, four months...

and the author still can't get it right?

bitcomet is the essence of lose.

therfore, µTorrent must be the essence of win.


Bitcomet is the Dale Earnhardt of BitTorrent. ran other clients into walls, till it ran itself into a wall..lol

not the best, but if you live in the us, then you might know what I'm saying :P

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