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Upload Speed Is Slow In My Server


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Hello ,

i recently started an torrents site . i got 100 Mbps server with Core2duo and 2 GB ram server . i,m using utorrent 1.8 ( latest version).

i,m facing a speed issues in my server . i have download speed of 400 KBPS from my home. and when i create a torrent from server and try to download it from my house i get 40 KBPS max speed from the server . where as if i download from server directly via http , i get max of 400 KBPS. not only me all my members are facing this same problem. there 50% speed is decreased .

if they download from the server to server there speed will be max of 3 to 4 MBPS

can anybody please help me as i have good quality stuff in torrents but due to this less speed my users are going away from my site . kindly help me out

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Try tracing to your server, and if you can trace from the server back to your computer.

There's probably something in there disrupting BitTorrent traffic...maybe it's a known bad ISP, or maybe your traffic goes through a server on-premises that does that.

www.interserver.net doesn't seem to allow IRC servers or copyrighted content...so that might be the reason right there.

Lastly, try v1.8.1 (the current RC1) and see if that improves things.

It would help to know what settings the server is using in uTorrent...

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www.interserver.net allows irc and bittorrent as they are not blocking any port or anything

enable upnp port mapping : enabled

enable NAT port mapping : disabled

max number of global conenctions : 500

max number of connected peers :250

max number of upload slots : 50

enable DHT network : disabled

enable dht for new torrents: disabled

enable local peer discovery : enabled

ask tracker for scrape information: enabled

enable peer exchange : enabled

limit local peer bandwidth : disabled

protocol encryption : forced

max active torrents : 150

max connection of active torrents :100

i tried 1.8.1 , even speed is not increasing . but in server i have 100 Mbps connection

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but max its taking 2 MBPS . and upload not max 1.2 MBPS . http transfers are taking place in around 10 MBPS . http transfers are not at all a issue . only torrents having problem. can u please help me out. i,m paying a lot to this server but i,m not satisfied with it. if u tell me when u,ll be online i,ll give u server access u can check it though or suggest me anything

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