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Constant Speed 30-35 Kb/s


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This is the 2nd time this happens...

Just after i install windows i install the latest utorrent version.

But with that version my speed is always 30-35 kB/s.

If i install a previous version i get normal speeds (for example now i'm downloading at 500 kB/s).

I use utorrent for many years so i think everything to configure properly.

AND if i use a previous version, the settings are the same.


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Now i have limited my upload to 20 Kb/s and i can go to 80 kb/s.

Download speed i limited to 1000 Kb/s, just to let other people "navigate".

Works great with old version, with new version i get 30-25 Kb's max.

If this settings always work (and still do) why do they not work with latest version?


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