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Software that shows what program is using your network


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Im having an issue with my pc, it seems to be dling anywhere from 100kbps to 1000kbps, with nothing running. not really sure why it is doing that, i dled Du meter, and that is what it is telling me. i dont have anything open, but it seems to run none stop, of course killing my downloads. does anyone know of a way i could find out what exactly is using my net, and kill it? i can see in task manager, that it is running heavy, but i dont know why. thanks. i dled microsofts network monitor, and it also has a lot of traffic, but i dont know why. i did a spyware scan, and got nothing back. so not to sure why this is happening.



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TCP View -- 3rd party app, you need it badly as of yesterday.

It can show you what's making connections...though it won't tell you which connections are using the most bandwidth.

TCP View and Process Explorer are both from www.sysinternals.com (reroutes to Microsoft since they got bought out).

Best link to try for them is here:


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