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Torrent uploading and downloading stops whenever screensaver kicks in?


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I've searched the forums and can't find any threads on this particular problem:

uTorrent is running fine, but whenever my screensaver starts up, all seeding and downloading drops to 0 kB/s. It takes a few seconds, so if I immediately bump the mouse to wake it back up, I can see how the speed was dropping, and then it'll come back up again, but only if the screensaver isn't running.

- I tried changing the screensaver - I usually use a blank screen - but that makes no difference.

- I changed my energy-saving settings to be sure that my hard drive never turns off, nor does the computer hibernate.

- Even the connections that are still running after I pause a torrent (because that chunk isn't finished) will fall to zero when the screen switches off (i.e. to the blank-screensaver)

- all my other programs continue to run effectively despite the blank screen (e.g. email still arrives, etc.)

Any ideas about what's going on? Basically, I have to babysit my computer or the torrents will stop running when the screensaver kicks on. I have no idea what the problem is, and can't find any info in the forums.

Thanks for the help.

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It stops or slows down? I noticed the other day when messing with network card settings in windows that some cards support a feature where windows can shutdown a network card to save energy. I'd go check those options out under the network card. Just go into network properties and click on the configure button. Along the top there might be a tab that says Power Managment. Try turning that off.

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Hey, I think that solved it - I checked the network card and it wasn't set to shutdown to save energy. But when I tried using auto monitor off instead of the screensaver, that seemed to fix it - the torrents were still running when I "woke" it up with the mouse.

This is probably unrelated, but my entire system runs eeextremely slowly when uTorrent is active. I'll do another forum search to see what I can find out about that problem.

Thanks for the help!

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