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µTorrent 1.8.1 released


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Greetings, under the heading for (build 11882), you mention the following line:

- Change: remove "Download Limited" behaviour

Now what EXACTLY does this mean. Does this mena there is no longer the "download limited" for upload speed less then 6kbs, or does this mean that the "download limited" indictaor just dosn't come up any more.

The reasoning for my question, is that my ISP is one of the "lovely" ones that charges for both uploads and downloads (if it didn't I would have max speed for my uploads), but as they do, I am trying to minimise the amount of data transfered. So my question really boils down to, what EXACTLY is the smallest upload speed I can utilise to try and maximise the most of my 20 Mbit connection?

I do hate the fact that I am basically just a leecher, but until I can find an ISP that wont hit me for traffic both ways, I have to try and be careful.

Thank-you for your time and efforts!

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Got you guys a crashdump:


Might be related to me starting a command prompt from with high privileges (Start -> "cmd" -> Ctrl+Shift+Enter), because uTorrent first crashed, then only after the process closed did the command prompt show up, kinda. I've no idea what the correlation might be, could be simply a coincident :)

Best regards,


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