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Wierd speed issue.


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Searched some on the forum but I was not able to find any solution to my problem so here it goes.

I'm on a 100/10 mbit fiber connection but as of yesterday my speed has acted really odd, it basicly jumps from 2,2mbit/s to 8kb/s every minute or so, and ofc the torrent does not stay very long at 2,2mbit/s but rather the lower speeds.

I tryed to download some various stuff via filefront etc and i had my normal speeds, and they were stable.

I tryed multiple speed tests several times, they were normal and stable.

I pinged various servers around the world and no drops higher then 10ms.

Any1 who has any idea what so ever what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance!


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I read it just didnt bother to give u all the info for some reason but here it goes:

What i tryed is stated in my first post.

I returned all the values/settings to defaults since they didnt help.

Color of the status light is green.

The port checker states that the port is open and accepting connections.

Speed guide shows my settings to be xx/10mbit and port 10017.

net.max_halfopen is set to 8.

My OS is Windows XP SP3.

I'm using Norton 360 and Ad-aware.

I'm using an Inteno switch model x6546 it's a voip gateway switch thing that I got from my ISP.

My ISP is BBB (Bredbandsbolaget).

Im using a fiber broadband connection with a speed of 100/10 mbit. Speedtests showed a speed of 16 814 kbit/s downstream and 8 753 kbit/s upstream, I used a norwegian tests but I live in sweden, the swedish tests did not work.

Soz for beeing a lazy twat, if u want the rest of the stuff tell me and ill put that up when im done sleeping awfully tired atm.

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