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uTorrent destoys http speeds


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I switched to uTorrent a couple of months ago and have been having this issue since. Only now I finally decided to post (don't know why I waited so long).

Everytime uTorrent is downloading/uploading (it doesn't matter at what speed), web browsing comes to a halt on my computer. This problem never occurred with Azureus (reason I switched over was the compactness of uTorrent). I have tried all of the below fixes already. None of them help.

- Set upload limit low enough to not kill download speeds: Doesn't help. No matter what the limit is, the http download speeds are dismal. Keep in mind, uTorrent download speeds are fine. Even when I set the download limit to a low number, http speeds do not improve. In games however, I usually have a low ping (provided I have set an appropriate download speed). I do notice a certain amount of jerkiness when playing multiplayer games while uTorrent is running.

- I have all appropriate ports being forwarded to my PC from my Linksys router.

- I have played with maximum number of global/per torrent connections within uTorrent and speeds do not improve. I have inputted a number of connections much lower than the one i was using in Azureus.

To sum things up, uTorrent seems to kill only http speeds on my computer. It's own download speeds are not effected. This occurs even when upload is set to the minimum number. Using the exact same settings in Azureus does not effect my web browsing speeds. Websites seem to take ages to load when uTorrent is download or seeding. So I'm assuming there is a settings somewhere on my router or in uTorrent that's causing http speeds to be slow when bittorrent is running. What could this be caused by?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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