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uTorrent crashes in Windows Vista 64 edition repeatedly.


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Dear uTorrent community,

I have been using uTorrent for quite a while.

After installing the 1.8.1 release I have this problem.

I would run uTorrent, add some torrents and start downloading.

Then out of nowhere after some time, I get this pop-up screen from uTorrent announcing that the program crashed.

It asks me to send a bug report to the dev team, and I did.

Thing is, I have been using uTorrent before on the same OS.

Can someone refer me to a stable version that does not crash on x64 architecture?

Then at least I can download untill this crashbug is resolved.

Dump files:

File 1

File 2

File 3

File 4

File 5

File 6

File 7

Beta Dump File 8

I'm sorry but I won't scan my pc with the suggested programs.

[edit] Updated to Beta version, still crashes. [/edit]



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Hello there,

What is windbg?

I have no hardware issues that's for sure, this pc is less than 7 days old :D I have just build it last week.

Everything works and trust me it is all top notch.

Might be conflicting software, but then it is uTorrent having a conflict with something I suppose.

All my other software is either games or mainstream software like Adobe, Sun and Microsoft.

First it crashes after about 5 minutes, then it comes down faster and faster, more consecutive crashes.



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I have tested 1.8.1 release and there was a béta out there aswell.

2 different installs.

I know my machine thank you very much :) No hardware issues as I mentioned before.

No OC'ing aswell.

But while you guys where thinking it over I found the issue.

Bittorrent had the same crashes, so I started testing and found out that both uTorrent and Bittorrent can't deal with the Nvidia drivers for my network connection.

So it is a compatibility issue as I thought with mainstream software/drivers in this case.



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I am having the same problem with uTorrent. It started crashing with the new version and I'm using the stable version. I am running Vista 64. I have swappable drives so I have tested 1.8.1 on Vista 32 and everything works fine. But when I run Vista 64 uTorrent crashes. There's definitely a bug in the 1.8.1 release. I have downloaded BitTorrent 6.1.2 and it runs stable on Vista 64. Until uTorrent fixes this, I'm using BitTorrent. I really like uTorrent a lot because of the small footprint but it's unusable for me running Vista 64.

Hardware Config:

Nvidia n780i MOBO

Quad Core 2.4

8 GB of RAM

8800 GTX NVidia Graphics card

No problems with this hardware other then the flames coming from my graphic card when I'm playing Crysis! ;)

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I'm using BitTorrent 6.1.2 since I tried to run uTorrent in Vista64 and crashes begins.

I tried here a solution but someone blamed my system. I hope then find a way to fix this problem.

Your software is my favorite but until the Vista support is not full I don't use this.

Congratulations for yours efforts.

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I had the same problem but instead of crashing only the program i got bluescreen, and it just started happening after i installed version 1.8.1. Windows crashes about 30sec after i open the program. I posted this problem in Troubleshooting section. Oh and by the way Im using windows vista 32bit, the diagnosis says wireless network adapter crashed but after bluescreen reset no problem is found! IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I OPEN UTORRENT THATS FOR SURE AND THIS DIDNT HAPPEN WITH PREVIOUS VERSION, i got a broadcom wireless adapter.

im loyal to utorrent cause i like it very much so instead of using BITorrent im changing back to older version of utorrent but i sure do hope this is solved quickly.


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If you are already running the latest drivers...you can reduce uTorrent's settings to make crashing far less likely.

...by disabling DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs.

Reducing net.max_halfopen to only 1-4, or leave it at 8 if you're hopelessly firewalled in uTorrent.

Lastly, reduce per-torrent and global max connections to 60 or less.

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