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searched the net - but i am sorry to inform you that i need your help


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in advance, i would like to apologize if this problem has been answered in another post. or the faqs state clearly how to fix it.

but i must say i am sick of looking. i've used approximately 5 hours over the last three days looking for answers. and i'm now giving up and seeking help from the pros. i would also like to thank you in advanced for trying to help me. its greatly appreaciated.

i've read the faqs searched the internett, forwarded ports, disingaged my firewall and gotten a new router. allthought my problem persists.

i have:

7 mbit down

500 kbit up

im using utorrent and having problems uploading. with the old router (which i replaced becous of sporadic dl speeds) my uploadspeeds where "ok" in the range of 5 to 20 kbs in some places. granted i had not downloaded very popular torrents. still i did upload to some peers.

now i have a sporadic connection of peers. ranging from 1 to 3 on diffrent torrents. 3 being the most connections i have had on a torrent. (since the new router was initialized a couple of hours ago) but now, im not gettgin any uploads, its about 0.1 to 3 kbs. and yes, i know. if there are alot of peers in there is no guarantee the "dlers" will download from me. but still. i should be getting a more stable result?

im thinking it could be my isp that is ghey (and has a cap on upload or something). or that it's something wrong with my connection to my isp. but still its strange.

im now downloading a series. from tvtorrents. and its ranging from 800 kb/s to 10 kb/s. 10being when there are no uploads and 800 when im uploading with a speed of 1 kb/s. since i think it has something with utorrent, that you have to upload for it to download at "max" speeds.

and right now. my uploading is as i said not stable at all. they are non present and for about 1 secound every 10-20 secounds utorrent is uploading 0.1 kb/s.

please help. and by the way. i dont know alot of the termonology that surrounds torrents, allthough i understand the basics and then some i guess. allthough, if you want to be so kind and help me with my issue. please, keep it simple. so missunderstandings or "wtf's" are avoided.

thanks in advance.

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