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i dont have any "Network OK" or a "NAT Error" message.


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yea as i check other post on guids and on NAT error and stuff. i could'nt find any post about my problem

1-i dont have Network OK or Nat Error on my status bar

2- Seems that my uTorrent doesnt wanna connect at all (since every ETA is infinity)

weirdest thing is that my Utorrent decided Not to work out of no where one day (was working awesome good speed. and i didnt do anything except downloading new version (1.3) and yea (i tried downloading uTorrent 1.3 again making sure its not cause the download got screwed up)

(i was about to read the mini-guide to help with the speed problem. but since i didnt had any "Network OK" on my statusbar i didnt bother continue on with the GUide since it wasnt for my problem)

and i also dont know how to play around with my router/network since im not good with those yet.


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