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µTorrent ports, (and probably) NOD 32 Issues.


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Hey all, before I start on the main topic, I want to make sure all of you know I have done the following:

- I've followed the Port Forwarding instructions for my Router (Dlink DIR-635) on Portforward.com

- I have checked Windows Firewall that it is not blocking any connection for µTorrent.

Also if there is a familiar thread to this subject, my highest apologies but I'm really too busy to look around at the moment.

That is what I have done, now on to the subject.

I've gotten rid of the slow browsing problem thanks to doogal and his "Slow browsing + NOD 32" thread, but my problem is the red little icon on the very bottom of the client telling me it has limited or no connection because of ports not being opened or firewalls blocking me. On the firewall side, I don't understand what the problem could be. I have made an exception for Windows Firewall so that can not be the problem. I have also opened the required port for µTorrent to run properly, but no it doesn't somehow, and I don't understand why. Does this issue sound familiar to any of you? What could the problem be? I'm using Windows XP Home Edition SP3 if that can help you.

And I didn't have this issue before I updated to 1.8.1, I'm sure. Then I didn't even have to open the ports to make it run properly.

So does anyone have something to provide?

Thank you in advance,


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