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µTorrent 1.4 released.


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I's impossible to download when upload capped over 3k with 256/64 ADSL.

64kbps * 0.8 = 51.2kbps (subtracting 20% for overhead and line noise)

51.2kbps / 8 = 6.4kBps (eight bits in a byte)

Twenty percent is quite generous for overhead. Sixty two point five percent is being a leeching jackass. I got better than 3kBps upload on dialup. If you have enough line noise that you lose half of your signal to line noise then you need to go outside and get to running new lines or bitching daily to your telco if it's on their line.

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Sorry if this is answered already, but i'm a little confused.

Could anyone tell me (like to a stupid :)) what is this download limit everyone talking about, when/why is it triggered, and do i get some feedback somewhere in µTorrent , that it is on/triggered.

Thanks in advance.

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why doesn't anyone announce about the realeased betas?

I believe non-official betas (that are not in the DL page) are not being announced. They ARE listed in the welcome heading on the IRC channel. But just for you - here is the latest:




+ Enhanced Favorite tab-logic in the RSS dialog

Have fun!

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Build 405 is out. Grab 'em fresh from the oven. :P

--- 2006-01-16: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 405)

- Feature: RSS toolbar button

- Feature: Smart RSS episode filtering - avoids downloading the same ep twice.

- Change: Pause button toggles

- Fix: Sorting reverse by name didn't work

--- 2006-01-15: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 404)

- Feature: ESC minimizes

- Change: net.low_cpu defaults to false.

- Change: Reworked network code for faster speeds.

- Change: Add torrent dialog defaults to whatever folder entered in settings

- Change: Added some qualities to rss reader

- Change: Changed date formated

- Fix: Fixed crash in torrent creator

- Fix: Ipfilter memory leak

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To be honest i don't give two shits about this capping business anymore. I use private trackers. I ain't bumming non of this public shite, so.. In an ideal world everyone would share. But you raving on isn't going to change anything. I don't know what you hope to achieve by your dossiers. uT has caps some people don't care some do. But those who don't will change. So we havn't really solved anything. If we want a large userbase this isn't the way forward.

I'm sticking, this capping doesn't effect me. But I do agree with some points here.

- Gooey

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