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utorrent says port closed by still downloading


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Hey guys,

I've trawled through the threads here and haven't found my answer yet, but I apologise if this has been asked before.

My problem is that, as of the past week, the status bar at the bottom of utorrent keeps changing between the "not connectable" red symbol and the "no incoming connections" triangle and very occasionally to the green tick without me changing any settings. Despite this, I'm still able to download which I'm thankful for. Would this problem cause me to connect to very few seeds or peers? Because at the moment with most torrents I'm lucky to connect to 10 out of 1000 seeds.

Another issue is that when utorrent is open my internet occasionally drops out.

I'd try to port forward again but setting up a static ip didn't work and it was only luck that it works in the first place (not sure what I did) so I'm reluctant to risk losing it all together again. I'm using a Motorola SBG900 modem, however, following the steps on portfoward.com just caused my internet to disconnect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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