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ubuntu & utorrent


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Hi -

I have a winXP PC with utorrent installed and that works fine and I can downlaod around 1Meg/second etc...

On another PC, I've recently installed ubuntu 8.04 and had the latest patches come down to update the OS and bring it up to current standared. I've installed WINE and utorrent with it.

And here is my problem. Utorrent on both OS (XP & Ubuntu) will pcickup roughly the same number of Seeds and Peers fine. HOwever, I find that when it comes to connecting to those seeds/peers, XP will happy go ahead and connect and I start downloading instantly, reaching around 1MB/sec in 1 min. However, with Ubuntu, I only connect to 4-6 connection (out of 10,000 seeds) and it takes forever to even connect to those seeds.

I have teh same Utorrent setting on both OS. I just don't why this is happeneing.

My port forwarding is fine as I can test the port and I get a GREEN OK. I have disabled the Ubuntu firewall by stopping it via firestarter..

Any ideas?

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