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NAT problem and RSS question


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Hi all

I just switched from Azureus to uTorrent for two main reasons: NAT problem and RSS repack, proper option.

I read here (http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgsf923m_2d6k97n) that uTorrent RSS can download repacks and propers automaticly. But now there is a new version of RSS Downloader and i wonder if that feature still exist and if so where can i enable it?

The other problem is that i am still not connectable.

I created static IP, forwarded ports, removed firewall, scanned everything for spyware and viruses but i still had NAT problem in Azureus, so i switched to uTorrent, but i have the same problem here (as expected).

The weird thing is that my brother who is also wirelessly connected to Linksys WRT54GL1.1 router, doesn't have any NAT problems and almost always gets green smileys in Azureus.

So i surely don't have Double NAT problem.

I checked everything twice and i didn't make any errors creating static IP, forwarding ports,...

The only thing i noticed that might have something to do with my problem is that i can't enable Windows Firewall

I get the message: "Windows cannot start the Windows Firewall Service." Not that i want it, but it could be somehow connected with the NAT problem i think. I have Vista Home Premium.

So if anyone has any answers or suggestions please help

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Uhh, if you see rss.smart_repack_filter true under options in Preferences > Advanced (default) your worry is unfounded. Unfortunately you need to have update_interval set large enough to catch BOTH the normal and the "fix" so uT only downloads the fix. This is especially true if you enable smart ep. filter. It will only download 1, and if it doesn't see the fix in the first update (after interval allowed), you miss the fix on that episode.

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i think i get it (and i see rss.smart_repack_filter true)

By update interval you mean minimum interval in RSS Downloader right?

So i should set that to at least 12 hours (not to match always) but then i wont get shows so fast.

Its a dilemma :P

Any idea what could i do with the NAT problem?

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