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Restarting moved downloads


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I have been using µTorrent for a year or so, and never had any problems with the program (including, specifically, this one!). I should also add, perhaps, that the version of µTorrent installed on my computer is the current one (1.8.1). This letter refers to the download of files in .avi format.

I was going to do some major work on my (C:) hard drive, so I backed up all of my downloads onto my second (D:) hard drive. When I moved the downloads, I simply moved the entire directory (including its sub-directories) as a unit. I have done this before on several other occasions, and had no problems returning everything to normal and resuming the downloads afterward.

I believe that something like 20 partial downloads were involved in this present move.

When I moved the downloads back to my C: drive and started µTorrent, the majority of them resumed just fine (which, from past experience, is what was expected). However, three of them were -- and remain -- problematic: the status bars of those three files show 0.0% downloaded (however, two of these were actually nearly done -- maybe 85% or more -- and these two were far enough along that they can actually be played, though with the occasional "corrupt" section due to data which had not yet been downloaded).

Both the copies of the two playable files which I have retained on the D: drive, and the copies of them which I returned to the C: drive, play, so I can verify that the data returned to the C: drive is still there and identical to what is backed up.

All three of these downloads are in their own individual sub-directory (that is, when they began to download, they were placed within a sub-folder, which contains the .avi file and a companion .dat file, labeled "~uTorrentPartFile_nnn.dat" -- where the "nnn" part of the name is different in the case of each file), as are a number of others (with which I had no problems at all). Note that I did not create the sub-directories: that is how the downloads came.

One strange thing that I have noticed: when the files were restored to C:, and also subsequently, the "~uTorrentPartFile_nnn.dat" companion files of these three disappeared at some point. I do not know precisely when exactly this happens: when I moved them, I checked all of the files (including opening each sub-directory when present), and everything was identical to the back-up copy; but when the status bars of these three showed nothing, even after a couple of days, I checked the sub-directories to see if the data had somehow disappeared and found that the companion .dat files were missing (while the .avi files were still there, and, in the case of the above-mentioned two, still playable). After I noticed this, I tried moving a new copy of the .dat files from the back up on D:, but after "some time" the .dat files are again found to be missing. I also tried deleting the whole subdirectory and moving the intact sub-directories again, but the result remains the same. (Where these .dat files occur in association with other downloads, they are always conserved; it is only in the case of these three problem downloads that the .dat files disappear.)

Sorry to have been wordy! (I have, by the way tried everything that I can think of; I have updated the trackers and so forth; I do note that all three files have the ubiquitous Error 10054, though this would not seem to be any reason for the existing data to be no longer recognized by µTorrent, since another file of roughly the same age and which also shows this Error message displays the correct amount of data. I also have found nothing that addresses this problem in either the FAQ or in the other posts in this forum; neither did Googling give me any help...) Might anyone possibly have anything to suggest?

Thank you all for your time, and for any help or suggestions which you might be able to offer. Due to the slowness with which these downloads have progressed (even with updated trackers, no new data has been downloaded since I returned everything to the C: drive), I really would hate to loose the data! Please have a good weekend, everyone!

-- George

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