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Multiple File Skip/Resume


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Using uTorrent 1.8.1 build 12616. This has been a long standing problem with uTorrent, but it's never really bothered me before.

First, let's lay down the scenario. Say you are downloading some free online podcasts. This torrent consists of all podcasts from the very beginning until the present date. Say they are broken up into several folders by month. Each month has a total of 12 episodes. There are a total of 8 months. Each file is about 100MB. This totals around 9.6GB of files. Now say you only download the first months worth of episodes starting at January Episodes 1-12 and skip all the rest on the torrent just to save on harddrive space. It takes you a couple of days to download and another day to finish seeding that batch.

Here's where the problem starts.

After watching about half of those episodes (you finish episode 6), you delete that half to save space (of course having seeded those episodes for at least as much as you downloaded them for, if not more) on your harddrive. You restart uTorrent, set it to skip those files, and start the next month's episodes to start downloading. You now have to force recheck since some files are now missing. After rechecking, episode 7 of January is now 99.9% done in uTorrent. You didn't alter this file at all, in fact, nothing has changed in this file, the only difference is, part of a piece from the previous episode is now missing.

Can this be fixed or is this a problem that is here to stay?

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