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help me plz


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Hello, i am newbie here. I am not sure if i post at the right place, if not i am really sry and my English not so good.

I am had been using utorrent for like few days now and i got some problem.

What is upload speed and uploaded? Does the uploaded take space on my hard disk computer when i download things or does it upload anything to my computer? If so what can i do to free that amount of space?

When i add a torrent to download, let say example i add s a torrent with 700 MB, it will take 700 MB on my hard disk to download that file. Why my hard disk space keep going download when downloading??? I was using utorrent 1.8 untill i upgrade to 1.8.1 then a few problem then i keep trying to delete the downloading torrent but didnt get the space on the hard disk back. Then i was trying to unistall and install a few time but didnt work either.



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I will take your questions in order...

> What is upload speed and uploaded?

I assume you mean those columns, in the queue(torrent) list, and in the peers list. They are similar to both lists.

In the queue list, upload speed, is how fast you are sending pieces you already have to the swarm. In the peer list, it is how fast you are sending pieces to the individual peers.

In the queue list, 'uploaded', is how much data you have sent to the swarm, or peers. In the queue list, it is since you added the torrent to your list. In the peers list, it is since you first saw that peer, since you last started the client.

> Does the uploaded take space on my hard disk... .. .

What you are uploading, is only what you've already downloaded (not counting overhead, which counts in the speed. You'll notice brief 0.1kB/s speeds pop up every now and then. That's overhead.).

It doesn't take up any additional space, since you already have it on your disk. When you're done with the torrent, and don't want to keep the data anymore, just "delete torrent + data" from within uTorrent.

We do ask that, as long as you still have the data on your drive, to keep the torrent loaded in uTorrent. It is simply considerate of other peers, especially late in the game when there aren't many people on the swarm anymore, and you may be the only one with missing pieces.

> ... but didn't get the space on the hard disk back ...

When a torrent and the data gets deleted, it gets moved to the Recycle Bin... empty the Recycle Bin and your space should return... UNLESS... you were running with 'sparse files' turned on, and you have an NTFS filesystem... if that is the case, then the pieces you didn't download yet, were taking up no space on the hard drive anyways. You won't get back what you haven't used. Naturally, if you did download data for part of the torrent, then that part of the data will take up space, you will get that back.

> ... Then I was trying to uninstall and install a few time but didnt work either.

Yeah, don't do that... better off asking for help than trying to do that. uTorrent isn't like other programs where uninstalling and installing, fixes things. uTorrent isn't written that sloppily.

-- Smoovious

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I want to make sure of one thing. U said 'sparse files' turned on??? Does it mean the preference->Advande??? If then my was false and yesss i have NTFS.

So you mean that if i downloading the a movie file 700 MB. When i add that torrent to download. It didnt take up any my space yet??? Only when i starting to download then it will take up my space slowly???

If that is the case because when i first download. I dont think it happen like this before. Now if i download it slowly taking up me space but before when i download, it didnt slowly taking up my space... I am not sure if i am right because it seem like i my hard drive space it taking up due to uploaded. If then how do i get that amount of space back??? I am not sure whether any of this is my hard drive problem or not. Pretty much appreciate your help.


OHHH and i forget to ask that if i am downloading something. Inside the folder there is ~~Torrent... something. If delete the torrent and delete ~~Torrent thing. When i try to download again. Will anything wrong happen?

plz reply anyone i need help asap

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