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Help: slow uploading


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hey. im not uploading more then a max of 20 kbs.. and thats with one torrent... i have about 8 seeding.. and the other 7 has a speed of 0.1 and 3 kbs...

one of my torrents.. has an excess of 40 (has been up to 100 peers) but its not uploading at all.. please help me..

the speed from my isp is 8mbit down and 500 kbit up.

why am i not uploading more? the port my dl client is using (utorrent) is open. and my firewall is open for utorrent. but still. i cant get any good speeds at upload at all. its so annoying. right now.. one of my torrents has 30(36) one the peers.. and its uploading at 0.1 or nothing at all..

please help me.

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