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Trouble restarting completed torrents after drive swap


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I'm really sorry but I think my problem is of my own making, please feel free to kill this off. Sorry.

One of my drives failed (which was being used only for storage of stuff being seeded), the files were flagged as broken by utorrent and it had stopped them. I recovered the files, stuck them back on a drive with same drive letter/paths etc, and restarted utorrent.

If I try to start them they just reset to zero and start downloading. If I force a recheck the counter runs all the way up to 100% but then utorrent resets it back to zero, appends .!ut to the files and starts downloading them from scratch.

If I download the .torrents again from the site and point them at the files exactly the same thing happens. It's maddening, the files are there, working, completely usable and completely untouched, they're exactly the same files that were happily seeding yesterday, but utorrent will not accept them and start seeding.

Am I missing something silly?

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No that's not it.

Sorry I think the recovery software lied to me about the quality of the files it found, I think that's what's causing the problems. I tried to post a bit ago to that effect, but the post's disappeared. Maybe double posts are filtered or something?

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